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Air Crew Transport, ACT, is the largest company in the United States providing exclusive ground transportation to flight crews in the airline industry. Our goal is to provide safesecure, dependable transportation services, and to perform these services as economical and efficient as possible without affecting quality.

At ACT, we value relationships with our clients, suppliers and associates. We are committed to our associates and partner with them to provide quality service to our passengers. We are constantly striving to be more environmentally sensitive in our operations and with our vehicles and fuels.

Through extensive research and development, ACT has patent-pending proprietary software that insures a seamless interaction between crew members, drivers and dispatchers. This software is a scheduling, real-time GPS tracking and accountability web-based program, with mobile applications supported through cloud based servers.

About Air Crew Transport

Air Crew Transport was founded in 1995 to provide ground transportation for our military. In 2000, the company began servicing the airline industry’s flight crews by providing unsurpassed quality and service while assuring safe, secure, and reliable ground transportation. ACT currently operates throughout the United States servicing many of the major airports and various regional airports. Our client list includes most of the major U.S. airlines and some international carriers. The company continues to serve our military in several locations throughout the U.S.

In 2012, ACT developed a proprietary software program known as “SAFE”, Scheduling Assist Flight Enhancement. The software is a web-based scheduling program designed to integrate with the airline’s scheduling software eliminating the risk of human error in the input phase. The software has a comprehensive security feature which allows customers to view and analyze company staff profiles, ensuring complete investigative background checks and balances. Face recognition software developments allow the end user to view staff credentials including current I.D. requirements. The mobile application provides real-time GPS tracking of all our drivers. Our mobile application is found online with free downloads.

Our administrative headquarters is in Ft. Lauderdale, FL (FLL) and our dispatch centers are in FLL, DFW and LAX. Our dispatch is staffed 24/7/365 with automated state-of-the-art equipment. Due to the high degree of automation, our dispatch centers operate with little unnecessary overhead cost allowing for a more reliable, efficient and cost-effective way to provide ground transportation to our customers.

Today, ACT is one of the largest airline crew ground transportation companies in the world, transporting over one million crew members a year. ACT has multiple contracts providing ground transportation logistics for crew members in training at multiple airline training centers throughout the country. We have consistently been rated as one of the best, on-time service providers in the industry with a 99.65% compliance rating among airline crew members. Our approach in providing personalized service to each crew member is one of the reasons for such success. 



Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to provide our airline partners with safe, secure and reliable crew transportation, while conducting ourselves in a manner that promotes honesty, fairness, respect, and consideration for all our shareholders, employees, customers, and suppliers.

Vision Statement

Our vision statement is to become the global leader in our industry providing safe, secured and reliable ground transportation to crew members of the airline industry. We will continue to evolve and expand our software and mobile APP technology to insure a seamless interaction between our industry partners, their employees and our organization. Throughout our evolution, we will hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards and promote fairness, honesty, integrity and commitment to all of our customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders.

Core Values

Our core values that make our company strong and united are based on six fundamental values:
Communication - Acceptance - Trust - Respect - Integrity - Teamwork

Safety and Security

Our goal is to ensure the safety and security of all our passengers and drivers.  We have created a safety manual for all drivers that is available here for download.  This guide aims to make clear the rules and procedures for drivers and how we expect them to conduct themselves while driving. This handbook applies to any person who may drive on our behalf.

This Manual Deals With The Following

•  Drivers’ responsibilities
•  Driving license
•  Driving regulations
•  Drivers and passengers 
•  Using company vehicles
•  Statutory regulations
•  Speed limits

•  Vehicle safety checks
•  Tires
•  Speedometer
•  Loads
•  Breakdowns
•  Theft 
•  Accidents

Here is a list of the locations we serve by City and State.

Administrative Offices
  • \FLL-Ft Lauderdale
  • \MIA-Miami
  • \MCO-Orlando
  • \ECP-Panama City Beach
Operation Center
  • \PNS-Pensacola
Northeast Operation
  • \EWR-Newark


  • \DUJ-DuBois
  • \PHL-Philadelphia


  • \DAY-Dayton


  • \BHM-Birmingham
  • \HSV-Huntsville
Central Office
  • \DFW-Dallas
  • \GGG-Longview


  • \MLU-Monroe


  • \OKC-Oklahoma City


  • \PHX-Phoenix


  • \LAS-Las Vegas
West Coast Offices
  • \LAX-Los Angeles
  • \SFO-San Francisco
  • \OAK-Oakland


  • \SEA-Seattle

Contact Us


150 Davie Boulevard
Suite 401
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316



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